Top 10 Games to Play on Zoom or FaceTime

Top Games to play during a Thanksgiving pandemic and beyond. In the spirit of a 2020 Pod Thanksgiving, I have put together My TOP 10 GAMES TO PLAY ON Zoom or FaceTime. These will work, not just for Thanksgiving, but anytime over the coming winter months. My favorite store for great games is Uncle’s downtown, and they will happily do a curbside pickup. The Comic Book Shop is another great locally-owned source. Target, and Barnes and Noble also carry some great games.

Top 10 Games of Choice:

  1. Sixes
  2. Colorbrain + Disney Edition
  3. Herd Mentality
  4. Linkee
  5. Just One
  6. Mr. Listers Quiz Shootout
  7. Hues and Cues
  8. Box of Rocks
  9. Imaginiff
  10. Pick Your Poison

Honorable mentions- Monikers and Code Names

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