Quick Cash For Homes Results In Big Loss

Have you ever wondered about the signs popping up around town touting quick cash for homes?

“We offer top dollar for your home!”

Does this sound too good to be true? The world teaches us that this is the case in almost every scenario.

The allure is understandable, not having to prep your home for sale, or maybe the thought of having people come through your house overwhelms you.

Realtors often recommend a punch list of items to do before selling your home. Depending on your situation, repairs and cleaning may not be necessary! The reality is that buyers are desperate for homes in our market, especially those in fair or even poor condition. You may not have to do anything at all to get a significantly higher dollar for your property.

If you need help, we have trusted vendors that can alleviate the headaches associated with getting your home ready for sale. We don’t want you to miss out on thousands of dollars that could benefit you and your family. To that point, our neighbors down the way made this mistake and we estimate it cost them over $50,000!

A quick cash deal is not worth losing out on that kind of money.

So, what can you do right now?

Start by reaching out to us (509-62-HOUSE) for a quick consultation or click the image below to get started. We do not charge to assess the value of your home in as-is or repaired condition.


Spokane Home Value

Our team has the experience to help you through the hurdles of the selling process. We will guide you to a higher dollar return, guaranteed.

As your trusted local Realtors we only have your best interest in mind, just Google us to see our 5-star reviews.

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