Procrastination Pays off, or Does It?

Hello Friend,

I’d been meaning to write about the effects of procrastination in real estate, but I kept putting it off. It happens. Even Frank Lloyd Wright procrastinated. Once, a client who had commissioned a house a year before, called the famous architect to say he was in town and would like to drop by to see the progress of the design for his house. Wright hadn’t quite gotten around to starting the design yet. So, two hours before the client was to arrive, Wright started sketching!

Did you miss out on last year’s lower home prices because you kept putting off buying? You can stop beating yourself up. Because today’s interest rates are low, like crazy low, even though there has been an uptick in the median sales prices of houses, the affordability index is almost the same as last year.

In other words, the monthly payment of any given house is pretty much the same as it would have been for last year’s lower-priced house! Example: Last year (with a 0% down payment) your payment for a house closing $270,000 would have been $1,259 (plus taxes and insurance). This year, a house closing $301,500 would have a payment of $1,268 (plus taxes and insurance). There has been an uptick in median sales prices, yes. However, because house prices are going high, interest rates are going low — so low that the affordability index is almost the same as it was last year.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s procrastination paid off. The house, Falling Waters, is now a historic landmark considered to be one of the “28 Things You Must See Before You Die.” I’m just saying, it’s not too late to find your own “landmark” home. So, if you’ve been meaning to start your search for a new home, NOW is the time to reach out to Julia, Shael, Stacey, Cindi, or Kathryn on their cellphones, or you can contact any of us at 509-62-HOUSE.

My team members are highly trained, friendly, creative, ninja-like brokers. Matt and I trust them to always do the right thing and to fight for our clients during every step of a transaction —and, of course, never to procrastinate!

Jessica Side
Owner/Designated Broker

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